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Past Event

Antigone Rising Concert

October 18th, 2013

Tickets: $20 for Adults, $5 for Students


If there is a single notion that sums up the last three years in the life of Antigone Rising, it’s unity in the face of life’s uncertainty. In 2005, the band was netting high-profile touring dates, opening for Rob Thomas, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones. Just three short years later, bankability had yielded to unpredictability. Their chief ally at their label was unceremoniously fired and that unexpected turbulence, coupled with a lineup change, caused Henderson and the other members of Antigone Rising (Henderson’s sister, lead guitarist and founding member Cathy Henderson, and drummer Dena Taurillo) to step away from the band feeling the need to regroup and take time for themselves.

Although the band was on hiatus, the offers to perform continued. To help flesh out their live sound, the band recruited a friend of Henderson’s, singer/songwriter Nini Camps. It wasn’t long before it became obvious to everyone that her role in the band was meant to be much greater. It was during a string of dates opening for The Bangles, for which Kristen talked Nini into stepping into the vocalist role, that the new lineup coalesced, and the band was readier than ever for the second phase of their career – one that finds them ready to stare down chance and uncertainty, and to view life’s unpredictability as an opportunity to grow stronger.