Base Rental Terms

Rental Fee

$3,500 for a 10-hour rental

$350 additional per hour for the use of the theatre for any rehearsal time not on the day of event, up to 4 hours of usage, over 4 hours of use you will be charged for the full day.

Weekly rate available upon discussion.

Must provide and show proof of insurance before signing the contract

Additional Crew is $10 – $20/hour per person, up to 8 hours a day depending on the worker

Additional classrooms are $350 for the first one, $150 for any additional after that, and must be approved by Molloy College.

Rental fee includes: use of theatre, 3 dressing rooms, theatre lights, sound, projector and theatre Technical Director (TD).

Renter agrees to pay $35/hour for overtime for TD for any day that exceeds 10 hours.

All payments are non-refundable and are due before the event starts. Balance of payment may be taken out of Net Box Office Receipts (if ticketed amount exceeds the rental balance).

ONLY FOR TICKETED EVENTS – Must be determined before the day of the event.

Final settlement of any extras will be settled no longer than 15 days from the close of the event.

Box Office

If ticketing is required, OvationTix and Madison Theatre Box Office will be required to be used. No outside ticketing agents will be allowed. House manager will be supplied by Madison Theatre for event. Renter is required to supply their own ushers for the event. Theatre can supply ushers upon request, at renters’ expense of $10 per person for a minimum of 4 hours per person.

The theatre will pay out renter after event (subtracting any fees that might still be owed to Molloy College – as long as ticket sales exceed the amount owed). Box Office payouts to renter may be paid 15-20 days after event, but may also occur sooner.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of $1,000 will be due on the signing of this contract. Security deposits are required for all events where the theatre is not handling ticketing for the event. Final settlements and the security deposit will be returned no later than 15-20 days from the end of the event.

Theatre Crew

Renter is required to use our House Theatre light, sound operators and Fly man (if applicable) at the rate of $20 per hour, for up to 8 hours. Overtime will be $35 per hour after 10 hours. Operators will work within the producer’s specification. Theatre can supply additional crew at the producer’s request at the rate of $10- 20 per hour. Overtime will be $15 – 30 per hour after 10 hours.


Renters are allowed to sell merchandise at their own expense. Theatre is allowed to have sponsor material and its merchandise for sale at the theatre’s expense during these events, as well.


Theatre has the solo right to set up catering and food service for purchase. No outside food service is allowed.


Molloy College has 24-hour security on campus. If at renter’s request, or if Molloy College deems that additional security for this event is necessary, the theatre will supply it at the renter’s expense ($200/day per person). No outside security companies are allowed on campus. Molloy College is a “Firearm Free” campus and will not allow any on the college site.

Theatre Access

Theatre will be available at 7:00 a.m. each morning until 11:30 p.m. If the theatre is required outside of these hours, renter will pay $300 per hour of additional overtime for use of the space. Overtime is accrued in 30-minute segments at $150 per half-hour and will be accessed after a 5-minute grace period. The day begins with doors open to doors locked and will be calculated as such.

Additional Equipment

Renter is allowed to rent, hang or add any additional equipment at their expense and use it in the theatre for their event.

Janitorial and Exit

Renter agrees to return the theatre to its original condition as was received from theatre and have each room broom-swept clean. Any failure to do so will result in loss of security deposit and up to $750 for cleaning.


Renter shall supply liability insurance naming Molloy College Madison Theatre, its officers, trustees, employees and agents as an additionally insured to the requires listed below. Renter has the option to purchase Liability Insurance through Molloy College. This fee will be due on signing and is separate from any deposits for payments for the rental itself.

All insurance shall be approved by Molloy College insurance representative.


Any and all Corporate Sponsorships associated with the event must be cleared by Molloy College and Madison Theatre 90 days prior to the event to avoid conflict of interest and any conflict with the college’s overall mission. Molloy College reserves the right to reject any sponsorship that they feel is objectionable.

Right to Cancel

Renter has the right to cancel at no expense 120 days prior to the event. If within 120 days, the renter will wave its right of refund to the deposit mentioned above.


Renter will make every effort to engage Molloy College Students for additional hiring or volunteer positions for the event.

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