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Norman Brown’s Joyous Christmas with Bobby Caldwell and Marion Meadows

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes festive holiday performances. Tonight, November 25th, Norman Brown’s Joyous Christmas with Bobby Caldwell and Marion Meadows will be making an exciting appearance. Grammy Award Winner Norman Brown with Bobby Caldwell and Marion Meadows will be taking the stage of Madison Theatre. This performance integrates classic… Continue Reading »

The Sixties Show

Have you ever thought to yourself what era in history you might want to visit, if you had the chance? I know I’ve contemplated this question quite a few times. Who’s ready to take a trip back in time with me? Wondering where were going? On November 24th, Madison Theatre is taking its audience back… Continue Reading »


Hello, my dear readers. As we approach the winter season and the chillier weather, I’m reminiscing about the warms days of summer and long summer nights. Spending quality time in upstate New York, I of course visited the famous stomping grounds of the “Woodstock Music Festival”. Legendary musicians performed throughout the three day festival creating… Continue Reading »

Livingston Taylor, Tom Chapin, and EVA

Hello, my dear readers. Do we have any folk music lovers out there? I myself come from a family that strongly admires this genre. Growing up, tunes from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash were always circulating throughout my house and because of that I’d say I have a special ear for good music. As I’ve… Continue Reading »

Aesop’s Delightful Fables of Wit and Wisdom

Hello my dear readers. As you all may know, Aesop is the father of fables. It’s incredible that the first record of Aesop’s fables dates back to 300 A.D. As a child, I fondly remember being taught a variety of lessons and morals, both in school and out, through these legendary fables. A personal favorite… Continue Reading »