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Summer Programs

For all Programs:

Auditions have ended for all 2013 Summer Programs.

  • Students ages 9 and up.
  • 20 students per age group.
  • (Audition Required)
  • 9 to 12
  • 13 to 17
  • 18 and Up

Auditions:  Call 516-323-4445 or contact to submit a three minute tape or to audition in person.

Room and Board available. Inquire by calling 516-323-4446.

Faculty: Angelo Fraboni, David Hibbard, Joseph Kinosian

Last Summer Workshop artists: Ashley Amber (Evita), Tricia Brouk (Romance and Cigarettes), Ashle’ Dawson (So You Think You Can Dance), JoAnn Hunter (On a Clear Day),
 and Joe Ricci (A View From the Bridge)

Musical Theatre Intensive

What is your Specialty?

Do you want to learn how to choose material that will leave a lasting impression? Be able to explore text for deeper meaning, and communicate directly with an audience. Each student will get to work with Broadway Choreographers, performers and directors. Be able to come away with a deeper connection to the material and more confidence on stage as a performer, that will be extremely helpful for auditions. Song selections ranging from Broadway tunes to pop hits are tailored to each student showcasing their unique talents.

Showcase performances will be on the final Saturday of the program with other performance opportunities with the music students.

Artistic Directors: Angelo Fabroni and David Hibbard

Classes are Monday – Friday 9am – 3p.m.

July 8th – August 3rd $1250 – Housing is available 

Pre-Professional Summer Music Intensive

Our Mission:

is to train our students to become first-class performing artists. We help cultivate talents in a wide range of orchestral and musical disciples to better prepare attendees for a versatile professional career.

Students will study a variety of musical forms for orchestra including classical, chamber, music for dance, Broadway and movie scores. Classes will included full orchestra, chamber music, sectionals, private and site reading with master classes, workshops in orchestrations, conducting for dancers and singers, and chamber music. Performance opportunities include weekly Chamber and orchestral showcases, a final student concert and a combined concert with the Musical Theatre intensive students. Students will perform side by side in Concert with a professional orchestra ensemble, as well.

Artistic Directors: Michael Dadap & Yeou-cheng Ma

Classes are Monday – Friday 9am – 3p.m.

July 8th – August 4th $1500 – Housing is available

Pre-Professional Music Intensive Faculty List:
Violins/Chamber music
  • Byung Kwak
  • Christine Kwak
  • Yeou-Cheng Ma
  • Soovin Kim
  • Kevin Shue
Natasha Lipkina
Viola/Chamber music
  • Yeou-Cheng Ma
Olivia Martinez
Cello/Chamber music
  • Marc David Tagle
Julia Kang
Bass/Chamber music
  • Tomoya Aomori
  • Emil Botti
Flutes/Chamber music
  • Nana Aomori
Ken Chia
  • Karen Bogardus
Oboe/English Horn/Chamber music
  • Allison Bitz
  • Shirley Chang
Clarinets/Chamber music
  • TBA
Bassoon/Chamber music
  • Donald Olson
Horns/Chamber music
  • Tim McCarthy
Trumpet/Chamber music
  • Ron Pamposa
  • TBA
  • Tomoya Aomori
  • Guitar/Chamber music
  • Michael Dadap
  • Michael Dadap, Principal conductor
Artistic and Music Director
  • Tomoya Aomori
  • Nana Aomori
  • Marc Tagle
  • Kevin Shue
Guest Conductors TBA
  • Michael Dadap
  • Executive Director
  • Yeou-Cheng Ma

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