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2013-2014 Season

Mass of the Composers Opera Performance

Saturday, December 7th
8:00 pm

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Tickets: $10


The Mass of the Composers performance comes to Madison Theatre in honor of St. Therese of Lisiux “The Nativity”.

Mr. Kennedy developed a passion for music, becoming over the years a devoted fan of opera. His passion for this art form, combined with his strong religious background, has provided the inspiration for several projects including his Mass of the Composers, first performed by in 2007, his opera Pilate, performed in 2008, and his next creation The Nativity. At this performance, you will hear the MASS in its entirety, followed by the last act of NATIVITY, fully staged.

In his own words, Mr. Kennedy relates how his works are conceived and created: “I have always had a great interest in classical music, both symphonic and operatic. As I listened to these classical pieces, I began to realize that there were melodies in the symphonic and operatic works that would lend themselves to substituting new text for various songs, hymns, arias, etc. For many years I hesitated to try this approach. I finally got up the courage and wrote spiritual hymns to the music of Mascagni and Gounod. I embarked on creating a mass followed by an opera Pilate and then The Nativity. I find the creative process extremely exciting and fulfilling and hope to continue as long as God gives me the strength to do so.”

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