Greetings Madison Theatre fans!

We are excited for our upcoming concert on Saturday November 9, featuring the South Shore Symphony, violinist Ming Feng Shin and pianist Suk Hee Hong. The concert will consist of Beethoven’s 8th symphony, Chopin’s piano concerto in E minor (Op. 11 No. 1) and Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in D minor (Op. 64).

Beethoven began to compose the 8th Symphony in the summer of 1812, and it was premiered 2 years later, on February 1814. During this time, Beethoven had already lost most of his hearing, but despite that, he still conducted this major work. This symphony is filled with musical jokes and is a light-hearted work.

Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E Minor (Op. 64) is his last large ensemble work and is well known in the violin repertoire. Mendelssohn began the work in 1838, but did not complete it until 1845. He wrote it for his childhood friend and violinist Ferdinand David. Mendelssohn and David corresponded and collaborated in this work, with Mendelssohn seeking David’s technical and compositional advice. The result was a premiere on March 1845 and a lasting legacy in the world of classical music. Following Mendelssohn’s legacy, other composers would follow in Mendelssohn’s virtuosic style, such as Tchaikovsky and Sibelius.

Chopin’s piano concerto in E minor (Op. 11 No. 1) was composed in 1830 when Chopin was only twenty years old. It was premiered the same year in the National Theatre in Warsaw, Poland. Since he was a pianist himself, Chopin was the soloist. The performance was a “farewell” concert for Chopin, it was one of his last performances before he left Poland. The initial reception of this work was mixed. Critics wrote that Chopin’s orchestral writing was dry and uninteresting, but Robert Schumann wrote that “Chopin introduces the spirit of Beethoven into the concert hall”.

With three great works in one concert, we invite you to join us in this evening of classical music! Get your tickets today!