Messiah and More

December 23, 2016

8:00 PM

Hello dear readers. Handel’s Messiah is a cultural phenomenon. It is a piece of music so well known that even those who haven’t heard it for themselves know of its beauty. I am one of those people who have never heard the song but simply know that it is beautiful. However, I have always been curious about this remarkable piece of music and wanted to hear it. Now the Madison Theatre is giving me an opportunity to do so.

This evening of music, however, is not made up simply of the Messiah. This performance will also include Christmas carols and other holiday classics. You know how much I love Christmas, dear readers. Seeing my favorite Christmas carols performed live is an opportunity I simply can’t resist. To make things even better, the Long Island Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra will perform this show with featured soloists and the Freeport High School Choir. First of all, I love the guitar. There’s something about it that’s just so cool. Is that cliché? It may be, but in my opinion clichés exist for a reason. Although I was not in a choir—or any musical group—in high school, I was in the band in elementary school and I remember that although I would be nervous for each performance, I was glad that there were people out there watching the band and me and appreciating the music we were creating. I am sure the Freeport High School Choir will feel the same. So come show support for these talented young musicians and all the other talented performers in this show. This will be an unforgettable event; don’t miss it!

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