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Squirrel Screams and Other Dating Sounds

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In a world where you swipe to hookup and ghost to end a relationship, finding something meaningful or even just normal is nearly impossible. Squirrel Screams and Other Dating Sounds follows loud, hard-edged Bridgie (Kaitlyn Black, Heart of Dixie) and quirky, buttoned-up Kate (Josephine Rose Roberts, Rock of Ages) as they navigate the NYC dating landscape in an attempt to find someone in the parade of 10 guys that pass through their midtown bar.

Based on true life stories and spectacularly failing the Bechdel test, this hysterical new play by Lindsay Timmington is an honest look at how difficult it is to date in the new millennium and how the relationships we find aren’t always the ones we’re looking for.

Squirrel Screams and Other Dating Sounds is directed by Joe Ricci and will play at the Lucille S. Hays Theatre at Molloy beginning June 16th!