Shanghai Nights

Direct from Shanghai, the P. R. of China

November 20, 2016

3 PM

Hello dear readers. I admit it: I don’t have any anecdotes or musings to begin this post. And that is because this performance has left me speechless. I have just finished watching a Youtube video of the talented Shanghai Acrobats performing Dream Journey. The performance was just as otherworldly and colorful as most of my dreams but far more beautiful. I watched as the acrobats performed death-defying stunts and truly took the audience on a journey through a wonderland of dreams.

I am generally quite an open-minded person but I’ll admit, I had my doubts about whether or not acrobats could truly put on a continually exciting performance or whether or not their stunts would all be the same after a while. I have to say that the Shanghai Acrobats completely removed all of my doubts. The performance that I watched on Youtube—which you can watch as well on the Madison Theatre website—proved to me that these talented acrobats are more than capable of giving a varied and exciting performance. If they can do that in the relatively short time they were captured in the video, I can only imagine how much more they will be able to wow their audience in the time they will have to perform Shanghai Nights. In fact, I am imagining it and I’m tempted to buy a ticket. I recommend that you do the same, dear readers. This is a performance you will always remember, even if only in your dreams.

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