Ages 9 – 18
Monday thru Friday:
Session I – July 6 – July 17, from 9am – 2pm
Session II – July 20 – July 31, from 9am – 2pm




RE:  Madison Theatre Summer Theatre Intensive Revisited


Dear Cast Members,


We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting program for the summer.  We feel we have come up with a creative and exciting way to bring us together in a safe and productive environment.  We will be offering two separate two-week Virtual Intensives that will allow you to develop your skills and add important tools to your portfolio as you move forward with your theatre education.   You will have the option to choose one or both of these time periods as you decide what to do with your summer.


You will be working with smaller groups of studies in this new format.  Each director will have approximately eight students in their section.  You will be given one-on-one instruction each day with these directors.  You will then move through different virtual classrooms to learn and create additional content for our virtual showcase presentation.  Each classroom will have different instructors and interns to help direct and guide you as we create our showcase production.  At the end of the session, our team will then edit together your created material.



Some groups in conjunction with Theatre Works USA
For more information visit:




The training and theatre work will be all done through ZOOM meet ups.  Minimally, you will need to have a strong internet connection and the ability to record yourself via iPhone, Laptop, iPad, or Desktop Computer.  However, …


With this new intensive format, we will ask that you make a little investment to make this summer run smoothly.  These are tools that will help us communicate and produce a higher quality showcase to air for you family and friends.  These are SUGGESTED tools, only.  You will be able to participate regardless of having this equipment or not.  We just want to make sure that you are aware of some inexpensive options to help you have a more complete experience.


·      We recommend an updated/recent computer or laptop.

·      A strong WIFI signal – Classes will be held on Zoom – We suggest downloading this to your computer for the best connection.
·      Speaker
·      Microphone
·      Recording Programs:
We recommend garage band, if you don’t have a mac, we recommend the free service, Audacity


You will be trained to utilize your equipment to better service yourself as an artist.  Outside of the mandatory curriculum, you will be able to select four electives from the list below.
Note:  *notates mandatory training.


*Team Mini-Musicals

Now, we’ve all heard about Cliff-notes for books, but this summer studio teams will apply it to a musical. You might say, “how could we do Hairspray in ten minutes?” That’s what our brilliant directors are going to help you create. Studios will be broken down into smaller groups of six to eight students and each group will put on a ten minute virtual musical. These mini-musicals will be featured in the final Showcase Video to be played at the Madison Theatre’s Drive-In Theater/Stage.


*Sing Your Cabaret:

Life is a Cabaret my friends!  You will be trained on two songs.  Each song will be selected by you and your director and developed for the presentation. You will learn how to choose songs that are specific to you as a person and performer and learn to communicate that journey with your audience.


*Opening and Closing Group Choral Numbers:
We will select an opening and closing ensemble number for the entire cast.  Everyone will learn vocals and choreography in their specific Virtual Classroom culminating in a final group recording.


*Group Choreography: 
Have you ever wanted to create a Virtual Dance Party!  We will select one group number to be taught to the entire Cast.  Each studio team will be featured and responsible for a specific section of the dance.  Each member of the Cast will individually record their section and that recording will be edited together as an ensemble creating a group number you will never forget.


* Self -Tape Workshops
Learn how to make that perfect home video.  With many casting directors and college theater programs looking for self-submissions of songs, scenes and dance, we will give you the tools to create an audition reel. Plus, this will train you to create that perfect recording for our Summer Intensive Showcase. Students will have fun learning the tools for success!



These workshops are inspired by this new theatrical but virtual medium that we are all learning to navigate. Online presences such as Randy Rainbow, Jack Plotnick, and John Krasinski (SGN) create their own content, costumes, scripts and rules. We are inspired by their creativity and ingenuity and we will embrace what the virtual world has to offer during these times.


Dream Roles
Is there a role that you have always wanted to play? Have you been told, “You’re not the right age and won’t be able to play that until you’re older,” or “I just can’t see you as that part.”? This class allows you to dive into a role that you might never get to play in a traditional setting. The factors of age, gender, and “type” that usually come into play during casting will not be applied. After a “dream role” has been chosen, students will learn a song and scene (and even dance number) from that musical as their chosen character.


Commercial Jazz

Inspired by the Tik Tok phenomenon, students will learn choreography in commercial jazz. Commercial jazz debuted in the 1980s by the MTV era and is typically seen in music videos. Students will get to learn and record iconic dances from videos such as “Thriller” or “Single Ladies.” Ultimately, they will be edited together in a video to be featured at the Showcase.


Lip Sync for Your Life

Have you ever wished you could borrow Julie Andrew’s voice in Sound of Music or perform as Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca? Voice recordings from iconic movie scenes will be brought to life by you. Students will create physical characters, at-home sets and costumes, and learn the art of lip sync.


Five Minute Playwriting

What’s it takes to write a play?  Have you ever heard a funny conversation?  Have you ever been involved in a situation that you wanted to remember?  This class allows you to create and write a short two-character play to be performed by us, your directors, interns and other actors.  Students will learn script development and storytelling.  You cast your play.  We perform it.


Voice Over Work

Have you ever wanted to voice an animated character from your favorite Disney musical?  Here is your opportunity to voice that dream role.  Students will be given a short scene and song from one of our favorite animated musicals.  You will learn how to work with a fellow actor as you use your voice to characterize these iconic characters.   Friends and family will watch as you perform in your home studio as these movie scenes come alive on the screen!



Monday thru Friday:
Session I – July 6 – July 17, from 9am – 2pm
Session II – July 20 – July 31, from 9am – 2pm
Tuition:  $595 per session


We’ve done our best to keep the cost low for all of our families at this difficult time.  Due to this, we can no longer off any type of discount for the summer intensive.


* Note: If you have previously paid additional money for this summer camp, over this price, we will provide you a refund.
*Note:  Our main concern is the protection and safety of our students, faculty, and our Molloy Community.  We will be following all state and college guidelines for social distancing throughout the summer.  We reserve the right to change or alter any portion of this intensive to accommodate these mandates.  Thank you for understanding and being a part of this exciting new venture with us.


All Our Best,
Angelo Fraboni – Artistic Director Madison Theatre
Bethany Moore – Associate Director & Dance Supervisor
Kathleen Marino – General Manager
Program Directors: Angelo Fraboni and David Hibbard
Auditions and applications are required for all students. Application deadline 5/15/2020


Click here for audition and application information