Laura Ingalls Wilder

2 April 2017

3:00 PM

Hello, my dear readers. Laura Ingalls Wilder is a name I recognized right away. She was the author of the children’s story Little House on the Prairie. Her book series was based on her own childhood, during which her family settled in Kansas.The tale was turned into a television show. Though I never read or seen her story, it is a cultural phenomenon that everyone know something about, whether they know the full story, or not. The actors of ArtsPower will bring the powerful and uplifting tale to life at the Madison Theatre. Laura and her family faces many challenges that they come in contact with by determination and the strength of a family bond. Everyone of all ages would enjoy this heartfelt story, from those who have read or watch the series, to those who are never truly seen it like me, or the younger generation who are only starting to become familiar with tale. Regardless of the how familiar one is, this musical production of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s work will should be amazing to see.