Prelude to the Oscars

February 10th 2017

7-10 pm

Hello dear readers! I have exciting news to share with you all. The Madison Theatre at Molloy College and Lord and Taylor are presenting on February 10th food, fun, and the Glitz and Glam Fashion show from 7-10pm as a preamble for Oscars. This sounds like a perfect fun girls night out. Fun activities are never as fun unless I go with friends, family, and/or my sweetheart. I don’t know about you but I personally enjoy food-filled events and fashion shows. There we can taste all different kinds of local Long Island restaurants, wineries, pastry shops, breweries and more! Places like: Bonefish Grill, Bareburger, Parlay Gastropub, Vino Fiamma, Blackthron and so much more to enjoy before the show. These wonderful tasting of food/beverage plus the show are all included in the ticketing price, which to me sound great. This event sounds like so much fun to me! I don’t know, nor care much, about what’s fashionable, but I know what I like and don’t like. Seeing new styles and what fashion others think are fashionable is interesting to me, even if I don’t agree with their opinion. Hope to see you there!