Alice Hoffman

December 7

8:00 PM

            Hello dear readers. The moment I heard Alice Hoffman’s name, I knew it was familiar. I guessed that I had read some of her books. So I looked through Goodreads to see what books she had written and sure enough I had read a few of them when I was younger. I particularly remember enjoying Aquamarine, a story of two friends who find a mermaid swimming in their local pool. The idea of magical beings such as mermaids existing in our world today is one that has always appealed to me. Aquamarine was one of the first books I read that included supernatural characters in an everyday setting and it started my love for the paranormal genre.

The book Alice Hoffman is coming to speak about here at the Madison Theatre, though, is quite different. Based on the summary, Faithful is a dark story. It is about a girl named Shelby whose life is changed irrevocably when she and her best friend get into an accident. Her best friend is severely injured and Shelby ends up feeling guilty. Afterwards, her life is turned upside down and she works on rebuilding it. This novel makes its readers feel all of Shelby’s emotions from her loneliness to the joy she experiences when she finally discovers who she is. Well, there are no mermaids or other supernatural creatures but the book certainly sounds like an interesting one with well-developed characters whose experiences provoke deep emotions in the readers. Sounds like my kind of book! The cost of the book is included in your ticket so come get a good book and listen to a talented author speak about writing. You won’t regret it!

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