Wow! Tickets for “Double Vision Revisited” are flying off the shelves! We are so excited for this piece of our jazz series and cannot wait to share it with you! Featuring Bob James, David Sanborn, and Marcus Miller, with guests Billy Kilson and Larry Braggs, this is a jazz show you definitely do NOT want to miss!!!

A jazz legend, Bob James has a career that has defined the genre and continues to evolve at every turn. David Sanborn is universally known as one of the most iconic saxophonists of the current age. Marcus Miller’s characteristic bass sound can be heard on a limitless catalog of musical hits. Together, these three virtuosos reunite for the first time since the release of Double Vision, the ’80s collaboration between James and Sanborn that dominated the airwaves, sold over one million copies, and earned a Grammy Award. Featuring the renowned track “Maputo,” written by Marcus Miller, and the classic standard “Since I Fell For You” with guest vocalist Al Jarreau, Double Vision is considered by many as one of the most successful albums in the jazz genre.

Adding in the talents of featured guests Billy Kilson (drums) and Larry Braggs (guest vocals), the Double Vision Revisited band is a thrilling return to the classic sound of the famous album. The resulting program presents tunes capable of both amazing new listeners and enthralling long-term fans, showing audiences the world over the true magic of a good groove.

Join us August 20th at 8 pm. I know its a while a way but you’ll want to grab your tickets before they’re gone!