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Joyful Musical Night with Magalie Joseph

July 13, 2024 / 6:30 pm

Joyful Musical Night with
Magalie Joseph
And Other Artists

July 13, 2024
Art Exhibition/ 5PM
Live Concert/ 6:30PM


Magalie Joseph hails from the picturesque city of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, where the vibrant rhythms of life and the soul-stirring melodies of local singers like Emma Achille and Marie Mirca Tangar filled the air. From her earliest days, Magalie was captivated by the enchanting harmonies of French love songs and the resonant voices of groups like “SEMEUR.” In the tender embrace of her homeland, Magalie’s passion for music blossomed into a profound love affair with the arts. Inspired by the majestic performances of the Haitian operatic soprano Gladys Odate and the timeless ballads of Sandi Patty, she embarked on a journey to explore the depths of her musical soul. Her pursuit of excellence led her to Miami-Dade Community College, where under the tutelage of Juan Secada, she honed her craft in classical music. Here, amidst the symphonic crescendos and graceful cadences, Magalie’s talent blossomed like a delicate flower in full bloom. However, fate had other plans for Magalie, and in the mid-1990’s, she felt a calling to shift her focus towards the noble field of Social Work. Relocating to the bustling streets of New York City in 1994, she embarked on a new chapter of her life, dedicating herself to serving the diverse communities of the Big Apple. Despite her demanding career, Magalie’s passion for music remained undiminished. With each passing year, she continued to enchant audiences with her mesmerizing performances, gracing venues ranging from hallowed church halls to the prestigious corridors of The United Nations. Today, as a cherished member of Beraca Baptist Church, Magalie finds solace and inspiration in the sacred hymns that echo through its hallowed halls. And with the release of her debut album, “Revivre,” she invites listeners on a journey of renewal and rediscovery, where each note is imbued with the timeless beauty of her lyric soprano and unwavering faith.


Voice Of Worship, known as VOW, embodies faith, friendship, and perseverance—a vow to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and uplift the souls of God’s people through song and worship. For nearly a decade, these three talented baritones, Pierre Gardy Fontaine of Massachusetts, John LaRose of Pennsylvania, and Edzer Elie of New York, accompanied by the skilled pianist Edler Elie, have crafted a distinct sound that resonates deeply with audiences across New England, New York, Florida, and Haiti. With excitement, VOW embraces this platform to extend God’s love to the desperate, the forgotten, and the lost, drawing them into His marvelous light. Their journey began with His call.
John LaRose, a gospel and inspirational vocalist, possesses a rare talent for moving listeners with his passionate and soulful deliveries across various musical styles. Proud of his Haitian heritage, LaRose is deeply committed to giving back to his community, particularly by aiding Haitian children orphaned by the 2010 earthquake. His musical journey is marked by profound renditions in English, French, and Creole, inspiring and empowering audiences near and far with the boundless love of God.
Pierre Gardy Fontaine, a Haitian singer-songwriter, has graced stages with his rich repertoire of opera, oratorio, and gospel performances across the United States, Canada, Estonia, and Haiti. His music transcends language barriers, offering hope and solace to listeners worldwide. Pierre’s dedication to charitable causes, including rebuilding a church in Haiti destroyed by the earthquake, reflects his unwavering commitment to using his talent for the greater good. Pierre also sits on the Fritz Legacy Music School board, actively fostering the next generation of musical talent.
Edler Elie, a distinguished musician in both Haitian and American communities, embarked on his musical journey at a young age. From his debut on the drum at Beraca Baptist Church to his current role as a Youth Leader, Keyboardist, and Drummer, Edler has tirelessly ministered to God’s people through his exceptional musical gifts. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s in music, Advance Certificate in Music Education, and is currently in school pursuing a Master’s in Music Education. Edler aspires to use his talents to serve God and His people with an even more significant impact.
Edzer Elie, a seasoned recording artist, has graced both the Haitian and American communities for over three decades. He is the founder of the “Beraca Interdenominational Choir,” known for its powerful performances in churches across the United States. Edzer’s prowess extends to songwriting, directing vocal groups, and serving as the Director of Music and Arts, Worship Pastor, and Choir Director at Beraca Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York.


From Pilate, a small town in the Nord of Haiti and from a strong musical background, Aviole inherited her voice from her mother, “Violette Alcime” a fabulous classical singer of the Christian community. Aviole also developed her passion from watching and listening to her late aunt who raised her. In Port-au-Prince, where she grew up, Aviole enjoyed listening to her aunt’s voice, echoing in their neighborhood during “black out”. At the end of every song, in the quiet darkness, the neighbors, young and old would applaud as they enjoyed their free live concert. In 1992, Aviole reunited with her parents in New York, where immediately joined the first choir of FSBC of Clermont Ave, under the baton of the great Apollon Menard.
Today, Aviole continued to develop her voice under the teaching of Soprano Hannah Kim. As a soloist, she sings God’s praises wherever there is an ear, willing to listen.


Live music was founded in 2009 by professional musicians who have performed all over Europe and the US, including concert at Canergie Hall, Lincoln Center and Merkin Hall in NYC. The VSmusic4u Duos, Trios, Quartets and Chamber Orchestra cover extensive repertoire from classical to Modern genres.


Jean Matthieu is a professional saxophonist. He loves to praise God and enjoys playing his saxophone. Through. He knew he had the gift and started playing at a young age. He has three albums, and he has always influenced by Kenny G. Dave Koz, and David Sanborn. He has performed in different places, Churches, Special Events, etc. His massive style of repertoire always brings great joy to people’s heart and freedom to your soul.


Emily John resides in the New York City area where she is a freelance harpist and teacher. She performs regularly with regional orchestras, choirs, and for private events. Emily serves on the faculties of Queens College –CUNY, Aaron Copland School of Music. Emily received her Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Eastman School of Music where she studied harp with Kathleen Bride. In addition to her experience as a harpist Emily is an active singer and conductor in the NY area. Past conducting appointments include The Amadeus Chorale, the Center for Preparatory Studies in Music at Queens College, The Treble Voices of Queens, Special Music School, and the Mineola Choral Society. Her publications include an article on works for choir and harp in the American Harp Journal; “Student Composition: a viable technique,” found in the American Harp Journal’s Teacher’s Forum; and “By the Book: An Annotated Bibliography of Music-Based Picture Books,” in General Music Today. Ms. John’s choral compositions and arrangements have been performed and recorded by school choirs and community youth choirs.