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Tango Argentina

March 27, 2022      3:00 pm

Argentina’s inaugural tour of the United States.

With his company he has created an experience that leaves the audience astonished beyond their expectations. He also expresses choreographic traditions and contemporary stories without neglecting the style of dance that he best interprets, “tango”.

Marcos Ayala with his partner, Paola Camacho, create a perfect dance couple, with synchronous movements of great interpretive technique. Their virtuosity leaves audiences amazed as well as the participation of other dance couples comprising Tango Argentina.

Marcos Ayala has created a musical show designed so that the public can for a moment imagine how the tango has evolved throughout its history originated in Buenos Aires. Through his musical style, how to dance and behave, the spirit of Tango, sensuality and charisma has survived to this present time.

“Tango Argentina” is comprised of 12 of Argentina’s greatest tango dancers and musicians. Since 2016 Tango Argentina has toured extensively throughout China, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Central and South America.