Presented by the Russian National Ballet Theatre

1st April 2017

8:00 PM

Hello, Dear lovely readers. I have seen very many different adaptations of Cinderella¬†and have loved seeing new ones. I am sure everyone has seen at least one or two versions of it. I adore the store watching the new and unique styles that the classical Cinderella tale takes on. Cinderella as a Ballet intrigues me. This version of everlasting rags-to-riches fairytale was deemed widely as one of the best ballets ever conceived. These characters ought to delight and fascinate everyone of all ages with all the sly witty humor, creative choreography, and lively characterization. The magnificently monstrous comedic stepsister portrayed by male dancer will add brilliant level of comedy to this ballet edition. I am super excited to come see this ballet design of timeless romance. And, it’s performed by the world renowned Russian Ballet! Exciting! I hope that you will join me for this is something you would not want to miss.