10 August 2017

8:00 PM

Hello, my lovely dear readers! My mom and I have always been close. She’s is one of my favorite persons in the world. She’s my role model because she is like a supermom. My mom is special to me, as I’m sure your mom is to you. And, if you are a mom, you have that special relationship with your children. Yeah, moms sure are great!

However, mom are people too and they deserve a night out to have fun and relax. Mom’s Night Out Long Island event at Madison Theatre is a perfect girls night out designed for Moms and their girlfriends. It is a stand up live comedy show for Moms by Moms, presented by Long Island radio station, K98.3. The top of the line comedians are Maria Walsh, Sherry Davey, Carie Karavas, and Patty Rosborough. And for a limited time only, tickets are on a special pre-sale price of $25.00 each. The price are usually $35.00. Who doesn’t like to save money?

Laughter is good for the soul and all moms deserve the very best. That’s why I’m going to invite my mom and all the moms I know to this remarkable and comedical. Come and join this amazing event and be prepared to laugh your socks off.