Vincent Ingala & Grace Kelly

March 4, 2017

8:00 PM

Hello dear readers. I never been a huge fan of Jazz, though my dad always tries to get us to sit and listen to it with him. He wants us to love it as much as he does. So when I heard that jazz artists Vincent Ingala or Grace Kelly were coming to the Madison Theatre, I thought, my dad is going to love this. Vincent Ingala is considered one of the swiftest “up and coming Jazz Artist”, in recent history as a recording artist. While Grace Kelly is a singer, composer and saxophonist, continues to bring genre-bending zest new life to the world of jazz. Grace Kelly won the
Downbeat critics poll seven times and also was personally requested by the director Wynton Marsalis of the Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra and performed with them at Barack Obama’s inauguration celebration. My dad, as Jazz lover, would thoroughly take great delight in seeing this concert. There is no doubt in my mind, after I hear these young exciting musicians, I may even come over to my dad’s side of thinking. One thing for sure is that these artists are going to give a spectacular performance.