A Wish is a Dream

April 29, 2017


Princess Breakfast: 9-10:30 AM

Performance: 11:00 AM


Princess Tea: 1-2:30 PM

Performance: 3:00 PM

Hello, my sweet dear readers! Like most little girls, I was always a fan of Disney, especially the Disney princesses. Aurora were always my favorites. Now that I’m older, I still enjoy many of good Disney movies, including those about princesses. Now Rapunzel, from Tangled may have taken over as my favorite but I, of course, still have a special place in my heart for my former favorite princess from childhood.

I am sure that you all know your special little girls and boys in your life love the Disney princesses, just as much as I did–and still do. They would love to attend this performance to hear their favorite princesses sing beautiful Disney songs. And you, no matter how old you are, will enjoy indulging your inner child by listening to classic Disney music. Come and share in the magical performance, but come quick, tickets are selling fast! This delight performance is sure to delight everyone of all ages.