The Amazing Musical Theatre Summer Intensive 2017

6 July––5 August

9AM-3AM | Monday-Friday

*Placement Audition Required For All Students*

Hello, dear readers of mine! Today, I wish to inform you all about the Madison Theatre Summer Intensive Program. I always loved theatre as a young child; I loved acting and performing so much that some summers I was allowed to go to performance arts program at a local summer camp. Hearing about the Madison Theatre Musical Theatre summer program brings back fond childhood memories. The Madison Theatre Summer Intensive has the high quality professional training in an exciting swift paced environment, providing students with tools their need to help improve their future performances. This program are for students from ages 8-18. Each student are required to take an audition placement.

Which is good idea because then the Instructors can see what needs to be worked on and can teach each of the individual students to become better. It is much better idea trying teach them instead of just lumping all of them together, that way all the students can effectively improve from these experiences. The placement will take place on the first two days of the program, the 6th and 7th of July. There will be Open Houses to tour Madison Theatre at Molloy College and see what the professional trainers have to provide. The dates for the 2017 Open House are Sunday 12th February 20 from 10am-1pm, Saturday 25th February 2017 from 10am-1pm, and Wednesday 1st March 2017 from 3pm-7pm.